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Birth Body Wisdom

Nourishing Life and Wellbeing

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Health isn’t always an absence of pain and symptoms,

It is a Spiritual Connection to the Intelligence of Life itself.

Welcome. Do you want to...


  • Grow your health year after year?

  • Experience more than pain relief?


  • Reconnect with Nature’s Healing Fields?


  • Align with the Blueprint of your Life?


  • Awaken your potential for optimal Health and Wellbeing?


...then you are in the right place.

About Birth Body Wisdom

Our Original Core Blueprint, the Primordial Intelligence of our body, remembers how to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. This is the original state of our being. Like ocean waves, our Primordial Intelligence flows throughout our being, healing and nourishing us with exactly what we need in every moment of our lives.


 Through a series of complex movements and precise timing, the embryo expresses its perfection, function and wholeness in every moment of development. This expression doesn’t stop at birth but continues through all phases of our lives. There are inherent memories of these biodynamic forces and movements in our bodies after birth. This is our Origin and evolving force that is with us always.


My job as a manual Osteopath is to find these remnants of the embryonic fields that form us and contain the Perfect Blueprint for health. By engaging these fields, they activate nearby areas of stagnation, synchronizing them with perfect health. Doing a series of activations will release Biophotons (Light) and light up areas that were dark and not flowing with the fields of Health and Wellbeing. I don’t use any force or protocols. A session is fully directed by your Primordial Intelligence. I follow/observe the unwinding and transformation and don’t interfere.


The job of the Practice Member is to align themselves to healthy life practices - diet, exercise, healthy relationships, thoughts, emotions…The Practice Member is responsible for their own health, which is an important principle of Osteopathy.


Birth Body Wisdom enhances any personal healing and meditation practices you may be doing and is well person care for wellbeing.


If you don’t want to travel to my office at this time or driving conditions aren’t safe, I offer Long Distance Birth Body Wisdom sessions online or by phone.

Session Information

A typical session is about 45 minutes to an hour long.


Price per session - $125


I accept cash and checks only at this time. I do not accept insurance.

About Karen Danko

I have been interested in Natural Healing for a long time and have practiced several healing modalities, for many years.


I now practice Biodynamic Osteopathy because of its spiritual and wholistic approach to healthcare, affecting both individual and global healing of the planet and humanity.  I graduated from National University of Medical Sciences and earned a BSc in Osteopathy with the designation - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP). I continue to learn advanced European Biodynamic Osteopathy methods. I am not a medical Osteopath. I am also a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist, specializing in Nourishing Life and Wellbeing.


Biodynamic Osteopathic principles that I follow - the body is an indivisible whole > physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The body can heal, regenerate and renew itself every moment throughout life. The body never makes a mistake. I work in alignment with these principles.

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